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Discover the feather-light laundry detergent sheets that make washing so convenient. One water-soluble sheet provides clean and fresh smelling laundry – even at low washing temperatures. The ultra-lightweight and compact format is easy to carry, easy to store, minimises packaging waste and the carbon footprint.

Appliance Cleaner

The specialised Dr. Beckmann Appliance Cleaners remove dirt, incrustations, calcifications as well as annoying odours.

Surface Cleaner

Many surfaces require a special cleaning and care. Dr. Beckmann Surface Cleaners are able to clean even sensitive surfaces thoroughly but gently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of stains are there?

Stains are divided up into four main categories:

  • greasy stains (e.g. from cooking oil and cream)
  • protein-based stains (e.g. from blood and milk)
  • bleachable stains (e.g. fruit juice, coffee, red wine, tea, mildew, mould etc.)
  • pigment stains (e.g. ink, felt-tip pens, watercolour, lipstick, grease, soil, makeup etc.)

In addition to these, there are also more complex stains, such as rust and so-called mixed stains, which are a combination of different stain types.

How can I rescue discoloured laundry?

As a rule, laundry should always be sorted according to colour before washing – unless laundry additives like Dr. Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collectors are being incorporated. But how do you successfully remove discolorations from laundry? Only a Colour Run Remover can really help. Thanks to its unique ingredients, it restores the original colours of affected clothing garments by removing any unwanted dyes. Nevertheless, instructions for use must be observed closely to ensure successful removal of any discolorations!

Why does my washing machine smell bad?

Sometimes, it is not only your washing machine that smells unpleasant, but also your freshly washed clothes.Odours can build up inside the washing machine due to frequent washing at low temperatures. The moisture in the washing machine encourages micro-organisms to develop and these cannot be completely eliminated at low temperatures. By using Dr. Beckmann Washing Machine Hygiene Cleaner on a regular basis, however, your washing machine will remain hygienically clean and prevent unpleasant odours from forming – ensuring your laundry comes up consistently fresh.

I just cannot remove certain odours from my textiles! What can I do?

Everyday odours such as sweat, fat, nicotine, urine often cling to clothing fibres – even after multiple washes. Due to the stubbornness of foul odours, they cannot always completely removed by standard laundry detergents. However, thanks to the Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover, bad odours no longer stand a chance! Its patented ingredients eliminate all unpleasant smells – reliably and effectively. Freshness depot capsules simultaneously ensure that new odours are quickly neutralised during wear.