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The Company behind Dr. Beckmann

delta pronatura GmbH is a medium-sized, independent company based in Germany that manufactures branded products. The company has subsidiaries in Austria, France, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Mexico and China, in addition to a joint venture in Poland. The fourth-generation, owner-operated company has made a name for itself through the production and sales of its Dr. Beckmann and Bullrich brands. delta pronatura also owns the Blistex and Bi-Oil brands in Germany and Austria. Dr. Beckmann, the core brand of the family-owned delta pronatura, is known all around the world for its highly effective and easy-to-use products that are designed to help consumers get through their daily household chores as easily as possible. Many of the products enable items to retain their value and be used for longer. As experts in stain removal, laundry care and equipment maintenance, Dr. Beckmann offers customised solutions to deal with all kinds of stains and contaminants.

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The History of Dr. Beckmann


The history of delta pronatura and thus also that of Dr. Beckmann began in 1934 in a Berlin pharmacy. In Neu-Isenburg, the success story started to develop in the early 70s.


The company underwent a restructuring in the area of washing and cleaning agents through the takeover of the Stain Devils.


The first Stain Devils helped to create stain free conditions in German households.


The Stain Devils are advertised on television for the first time.


Phosphates in detergents are officially prohibited. Dr. Beckmann Stain Salt quickly becomes known as the best solution against greyish laundry and a poor washing performance. The Dr. Beckmann brand is born.


Stain Devils and Stain Salts from Dr. Beckmann are successfully introduced into markets all across Europe. Today, the brand stands for purity and cleanliness in more than 80 countries.


The products Stain Devil, Stain Salt and Colour Run Remover and subsequently the laundry pre-treatment products were consolidated under the common Dr. Beckmann umbrella brand with its own logo.


The time was right for a household cleaning milestone: With the Oven Cleaner Gel, Dr. Beckmann introduced a cleaner for the oven without aerosols, and demonstrated its potential for innovations one again. Today, a wide range of surface & appilance cleaners round off the expertise of Dr. Beckmann.


Within the scope of its expansion the company relocated to Egelsbach. And the two managing directors, Heiner Beckmann and Gerhard Krauss, continue to professionally lead the company at its new site.


With the Colour & Dirt Collector sheets, Dr. Beckmann sets a further milestone in the laundry care category for trouble free washing without discoloration.


The philosophy of Dr. Beckmann is properly expressed with the new brand-claim "When we say clean, then it's absolutely clean".


The Stain Devils celebrate their 40th anniversary. Congratulations are received from all over Europe.


The Dr. Beckmann brand receives, for the fourth time, the award as a “top brand” from the food industry. Once again, the award is earned for the stain removal competence – our core expertise as stain removal specialist.


Stain Devils & co. boast a brand new look. Thanks to the international design relaunch, Dr. Beckmann Stain devils now radiate a more dynamic, modern feel.

Did you know?

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils remove over 150 types of stains – more than any other brand!
Machine-washing a T-shirt 40 times produces half the CO₂ generated by manufacturing it.
Laundry shouldn’t be put straight back in the wardrobe after ironing. The heat and humidity produced can cause your clothes to attract mould that makes fabrics smell.

The Dr. Beckmann Promise

Dr. Beckmann products represent a pioneering and unrelenting passion to provide the most effective and high quality in-house solutions for specialist laundry and household cleaning. Our products are the result of extensive research and refinement - for excellent efficacy that you can trust.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We view sustainability as a responsibility towards our society and environment. A dedicated project team drives the development of more sustainable products, production and processes.

We respect the Environment

Conserving resources and reducing negative environmental impacts are essential principles in all the decisions we make.

We work with Ecological Energy

With one of the largest photovoltaic installations in our region, delta pronatura is able to cover all of the company's electricity requirements.

We are committed to minimising Plastic Waste

We’ve now started producing our plastic product containers from 100% recycled household plastic.

We are using as few chemicals as possible and as many as necessary to achieve sustainable cleaning results.

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